Balance Board, Balance Trainer

Why balance training

Allows you to train to avoid injuries while having fun!

Intense balance training can significantly reduce ligament ruptures, muscle injuries and more. Furthermore, it increases the precision of an athlete’s movements. A balanced body knows its position. Several studies have shown that regular balance training sharpens senses and not only prevents injuries by strengthening muscles, tendons and ligaments , but it can also heal by loosening and activating tense muscles, stabilizing joints, and even fighting back pain.

Soccer pros for the advancement of talent at Ajax Amsterdam claim that "balance training is everything". They are referring to an increased deficiency in elementary skills seen in competitive athletes and new sports talent in various types of sports. The most used term is balance. True movement talents are scarce and nowadays coordination skills must be trained. In the old days, street soccer players just picked them up along the time .

wonkyboard balance board

The skill to keep a balance in various situations and simultaneously perform specific actions is a special challenge for the active motion system. The information that a person is about to lose his or her balance is not only transmitted by the vestibular system in the inner ear, but also by a person's eyes, via receptors (sensors) in the skin, in the joint area, in muscles and tendons (proprioceptors).

balance with wonkyboard

The Wonkyboard teaches balance, coordination, proprioception, leg strength, mobility, and improves general physical fitness. The Wonkyboard not only increases the effectiveness of any training, but it also increases force potential and significantly decreases the possibility of the injury. This makes the Wonkyboard an extraordinarily versatile training device.