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Rail to Rail Action Balance Board

Balance Boards for Surfer, Snowboarder and Fitness Athletes



A versatile and agile training device for all sports that require mobility and skill. Especially suited for surfers.
Price: A$ 250.-

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This board is the ideal training device for long-boarders and snowboarders. A board to easily learn cross-steps.
Price: A$ 250.-

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This balance board features fantastic turning characteristics. High potential of trick options.

Price: A$ 250.-

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A versatile training device for all fitness aficionados. The ideal training device for inexperienced users.
Price: A$ 250.-

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What makes the Wonkyboard so unique?
How is it different from other balance boards?

The Wonkyboard balance board is unique and different from other balance trainers, as it allows you to train your body’s center of gravity. This is an essential skill in sports like surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and others alike. In these sports the boards tilt to the side, therefore the body’s center of gravity must be exactly in the center of the board in order to have full control.
Which balance board can do that?

David, teamrider and a licensed international surfing coach says the following about the Wonkyboard:
The Wonkyboard is a versatile training tool for all board athletes. It offers a wide range of movements as well as authentic movements for all board sports.

The Wonkyboard balance board sharpens your center of gravity control and because it turns in all directions and rail to rail, it greatly improves your turns and stability in board sports.
Smooth control in the change of direction alongside body alignment, are essential in board sports. In order to achieve this control pressure must be applied evenly to all edges of the board, whilst the body remains in alignment with its self. The Wonkyboard balance board allows you to train this essential factor. The more you train your control the more you become confident and fluid in your riding allowing you to progress further overall!
Balance and control is what the Wonkyboard balance board allows you to train in the comfort of your own home!
And, you only need little space to train with the Wonkyboard. All you need is about 20 square feet.

The Wonkyboard features:
turns in all directions, numerous training possibilities, more effective training, improvement of general physical fitness, precise and homogenous movements, first training success after only 15 minutes, versatile training device for all types of sports
lots of fun

Use the Wonkyboard at your own risk!